cyBvkM1450395268 Loving Amber–coming February 2016

Morgan County Trilogy, book 1

She’s about to get up close and personal…

Amber is seriously overworked and in bad need of a vacation. At first she’s thinking a week in sultry Miami might do the trick. But when the sexy and mysterious Sean Gunner moves in next door, Amber decides a stay-cation is just the sort of break she needs. His dark hair and bedroom eyes give her lots of sinful ideas. And not even Amber’s nuisance of an ex-husband is going to derail her from getting up close and personal with the hottie next door.

Sean moved to the small burb for some much needed peace and quiet to work on his latest novel. But there’s just something about Amber. When she bakes him a batch of cookies to welcome him to the neighborhood, Sean sees it as a chance to get to know the sexy woman a little better. Later, Sean is forced to come to Amber’s rescue and save her from her ex, Sean finds he’s loath to ignore the sensual woman. In fact, before Amber’s vacation is over Sean intends to leave the woman breathless and begging for more.

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goingfor it_coverV5

Going For It–Coming March 2016

Anthology bundle with previously published stories: Suni’s Gift and Instructing Sarah. Also a bonus new story: Burn, Baby, Burn

Stark Whittaker is busy running the family lumber mill with his brother Logan, but when he misses yet another important meeting he realizes he needs an assistant. When Holly Samborne strolls into this office, Stark is instantly drawn to her spunky attitude and sharp wit. But can he keep his libido in check when he’s forced into close contact with her every day?


Holly has spent most of her life taking care of her younger brother and now that he’s off to college, she’s ready to focus on her own needs for a change. When she spots the advertisement for an assistant at the Whittaker Lumber Mill, she pounces on it. But Holly doesn’t expect the instant attraction to Stark, the owner. He’s the tall, dark and brooding type that makes her want to reach out and touch. But her life is complicated enough and getting personal with her boss isn’t at all appealing. And maybe if she keeps telling herself that she’ll eventually believe it.

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tsJRll1449513056Teasing Rachael–Coming May 2016

Morgan County Trilogy, book 2

He’s dark, sexy and carries handcuffs…

Normally Wyatt Smith doesn’t go for the studious types. So why is he so intrigued by Rachael Carlson? Everything about her shouts librarian. She’s shy and awkward, but the flirty smile she sends his way every now and then goes right to his blood. The quiet woman with the glasses and messy ponytail sitting in the corner booth of the little coffee shop he stops at every morning has captured all of his attention for the last month. The way he sees it, the only way to get her out of system is to get her into his bed. 

Rachel is fed up with aggressive men. She vows that the next guy she dates will be the quiet, mild-mannered type. Someone who is easy to please and understands the word ‘no’. Someone who doesn’t give her ulcers. Is that so much to ask? Then the black-haired cop with the drool-worthy biceps saves her from an armed robber. He’s total hero material now. His sexy silvery-blue eyes and impressive body are giving her lots of ideas. Naughty ideas. Suddenly Rachel is more than ready to surrender and let the hot cop use his handcuffs on her. 

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qk9cHh1449512087Enticing Tabitha–Coming August 2016

Morgan County Trilogy, book 3

Hands-on research required…

When the blue-eyed Tabitha Diaz moves into Ruger Price’s apartment building, Ruger is instantly intrigued. It isn’t until she drops a book outside his door as she’s rushing off to work one morning that Ruger gets his first chance at an introduction. As he retrieves the worn paperback and starts after the curvy woman, Ruger notices the title and realizes it’s an erotic romance. The words bondage and spanking jump out at him and he’s instantly intrigued. Soon, he’s nose deep in the book and can’t seem to put it down. He’s especially drawn to all the sexier chapters that Tabitha has highlighted and bookmarked. Now, Ruger not only wants to borrow a cup of sugar from the tantalizing beauty, but a whole lot more.

After the death of her sister, bestselling author Tabitha turns to the characters in her erotic romance books for solace. But when her writing begins to suffer from her depression as well, she decides a change of scenery might just be what the doctor ordered. At first, moving to Morgan County gives her the peace and quiet she needs to finish her latest manuscript. But there’s one kink. her nosy, hot neighbor Ruger. He’s not supposed to be part of her recovery, but when he expresses an interest in her books—not knowing she’s the author—Tabitha decides that maybe what she really needs is some hand’s on research.

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