teasingrachel_cover-medTeasing Rachel–Coming  June 2016

Morgan County Trilogy, book 2

He’s dark, sexy and carries handcuffs…

Normally Wyatt Smith doesn’t go for the studious types. So why is he so intrigued by Rachel Carlson? Everything about her shouts librarian. She’s shy and awkward, but the flirty smile she sends his way every now and then goes right to his blood. The quiet woman with the glasses and messy ponytail sitting in the corner booth of the little coffee shop he stops at every morning has captured all of his attention for the last month. The way he sees it, the only way to get her out of system is to get her into his bed. 

Rachel is fed up with aggressive men. She vows that the next guy she dates will be the quiet, mild-mannered type. Someone who is easy to please and understands the word ‘no’. Someone who doesn’t give her ulcers. Is that so much to ask? Then the black-haired cop with the drool-worthy biceps saves her from an armed robber. He’s total hero material now. His sexy silvery-blue eyes and impressive body are giving her lots of ideas. Naughty ideas. Suddenly Rachel is more than ready to surrender and let the hot cop use his handcuffs on her. 

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qk9cHh1449512087Enticing Tabitha–Coming August 2016

Morgan County Trilogy, book 3

Hands-on research required…

When the blue-eyed Tabitha Diaz moves into Ruger Price’s apartment building, Ruger is instantly intrigued. It isn’t until she drops a book outside his door as she’s rushing off to work one morning that Ruger gets his first chance at an introduction. As he retrieves the worn paperback and starts after the curvy woman, Ruger notices the title and realizes it’s an erotic romance. The words bondage and spanking jump out at him and he’s instantly intrigued. Soon, he’s nose deep in the book and can’t seem to put it down. He’s especially drawn to all the sexier chapters that Tabitha has highlighted and bookmarked. Now, Ruger not only wants to borrow a cup of sugar from the tantalizing beauty, but a whole lot more.

After the death of her sister, bestselling author Tabitha turns to the characters in her erotic romance books for solace. But when her writing begins to suffer from her depression as well, she decides a change of scenery might just be what the doctor ordered. At first, moving to Morgan County gives her the peace and quiet she needs to finish her latest manuscript. But there’s one kink. her nosy, hot neighbor Ruger. He’s not supposed to be part of her recovery, but when he expresses an interest in her books—not knowing she’s the author—Tabitha decides that maybe what she really needs is some hand’s on research.

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BurnBabyBurn_covermed Burn, Baby, Burn–Coming October 2016

The Whittakers, book 1


Stark Whittaker is busy running his restaurant, but when he misses yet another important meeting he realizes he needs an assistant. When Holly Samborne strolls into his office, Stark is instantly drawn to her spunky attitude and sharp wit. But can he keep his libido in check when he’s forced into close contact with her every day?


Holly has spent most of her life taking care of her younger brother and now that he’s off to college, she’s ready to focus on her own needs for a change. When she spots the advertisement for an assistant at the Whittaker Lumber Mill, she pounces on it. But Holly doesn’t expect the instant attraction to Stark, the owner. He’s the tall, dark and brooding type that makes her want to reach out and touch. But her life is complicated enough without getting personal with her boss.

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blametheheat_coverv2medBlame the Heat–December 2016

The Whittakers, book 2

Logan lives life on the edge. Sitting behind a desk is for chumps. But when a motorcycle accident puts him in the hospital and in need of rehabilitation, his fun-loving attitude goes up in smoke. When the small powerhouse Meg Hill comes in with her icy hot ointment and demands that he get off his ass and start feeling the burn, Logan finally has a reason to live again. Soon he’ll be standing on his own two feet, and when he does he’s going to make damn sure little Meg feels the burn as well.


Meg isn’t interested in adrenaline junkies. She wants her man to be stable and hard working—everything her father wasn’t. Logan Whittaker is the exact opposite of her dream man. He drives too fast, has a foul temper and is completely full of himself. So, why can’t she seem to stop staring at his amazing abs and ornery grin? Her inner bad girl is ready to hit the sheets with Logan, but Meg isn’t about to let her call the shots.

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hot target_cover example

Hot Target–coming in 2017

Hot Nights series, book 1

Zane Smith spends every waking moment at the office and he likes it that way. But when he’s forced to attend a retreat by his boss and meets the intriguing Lila, Zane is suddenly more than ready for some R and R.

The next morning, Zane learns that the woman he just slept with is none other than resident psychic, Lilith Jude, Zane feels deceived. He’s sure the sexy brunette is nothing more than a con artist. Unfortunately, that doesn’t keep him from wanting her.

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hotshot_cover2Hot Shot–coming 2017

Hot Nights series, book 2

Jag Smith’s best bud and workout partner Cassie Newman is suddenly looking less and less like a tomboy and more like a sexy siren. It’s getting under his skin big time. In fact, keeping their relationship platonic soon becomes impossible.

But does he dare risk a great friendship for a single night of passion? More importantly, can he get her to see him as something other than her running buddy?

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Hot City–coming 2017

Hot Nights series, book 3

When Mila Smith meets a gorgeous stranger while attending her best friend’s bachelorette party in Atlantic City a single night of hot sex is definitely on the menu. But when that stranger turns out to be Lake Newman, her friend’s long lost brother, things get complicated.

Lake isn’t the relationship type and Mila refuses to waste time on a man with so many secrets. Even if that man is the sexiest man alive. But getting him out of her system proves much harder than Mila anticipated.

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