Samhain Publishing–December 24, 2013

No Turning Back

Man-Maid Series, book 1

Jensen and Marquetta’s story

What if a group of alpha males decided to open their own house cleaning service–even though they don’t know the right end of a feather duster? You can bet there’s going to be a fair amount of mishaps…not to mention whole lot of wet, shirtless men. Yum!


Sometimes you fall in love. Sometimes it mows you down.

Several beers into commiserating over their boring nine-to-five jobs, financial analyst Jensen Kershaw and his buddies come up with a brilliant idea: open their own house-cleaning service. So what if they don’t know which is the business end of a mop. What could possibly go wrong?

Getting run over by a runaway truck, that’s what. Fortunately, Jensen is knocked off his feet—and his heart is knocked sideways—by the sexy blonde who saves his life. And when he learns she’s the artist behind a line of fiery custom motorcycle paint jobs, his interest rockets off the charts.

After a bad relationship and miscarriage that left her shattered, the only way Marquetta gets through her days is sinking herself so deep into her art, her brothers are worried about her. Yet the sinfully sexy charmer who winds up in her lap begins to thaw her long-frozen emotions, and it scares the hell out of her.

A long time ago, she swore “never again”. Too bad her heart isn’t in the mood to listen… 

Product Warnings

Contains a sweet-talkin’, tattooed hero, a heroine with a chip on her shoulder, and the creative use of a feather duster. 

 Note: If you would like to see the inspiration (AKA hot guys) for the series, then check out my Pinterest board HERE and HERE


Samhain Publishing–July 15, 2014

No Man’s Princess

Man-Maid Series, book 2

Jason and Emma’s story

More info to come!

Kensington Publishing — October 2014

Masters of Pleasure series, Book 2 (Body Rush is book 1)

100-proof pleasure…

 Body Shots

 Bound With Desire

Crystal Shaw is now slim, sexy and single. She’s worked hard to lose the weight along with her ex, but she has to keep a tight rein on every aspect of her life to maintain all she’s achieved. She’s always in control—until her car breaks down and two strong, handsome men come to the rescue…  

 Captive To Pleasure

It turns out that Trent and Mac are co-owners of Kinks, one of the hottest BDSM clubs in town, and Crystal finds herself secretly fascinated by their world of sexual domination and submissive pleasure. She craves a master’s discipline, and though entering this forbidden lifestyle means breaking all her rules, it may also give her permission to feel, once and for all, completely alive…

Samhain Publishing — December 23, 3014

No Regrets

Man-Maid series, book 3

Seth, AJ & Ames book (m/f/m)

More info to come!

Kensington Publishing — DATE TBA

Masters of Pleasure series, Book 3

Body Inc.

Hero: Dillon Price

Heroine: Katilyn Alexander (secondary character in Body Shots)

Standing too close to the fire is bound to get a girl burned…

Kensington Publishing — DATE TBA

Masters of Pleasure series, Book 4

Body Guard

Hero: Wyatt Price (Dillon’s older brother in Body Inc.)

Heroine: Rachael Carlson

He’ll guard her body, but who will guard her heart?