Captured–March 7, 2013

Short novella–contemporar erotic romance (capture/bondage theme)

Mary Blakely has no recollection of how she ended up with a whip-wielding stranger in a hotel room she doesn’t recognize. What she does know is that she cannot seem to resist the gorgeous man’s orders. In fact, Mary is sinfully attracted to him and at his mercy—she’s trying to remember why that’s a bad thing.

Axel Remington has wanted Mary since he was a teenager. But as a poor maid’s son, Axel didn’t have anything to offer the rich and gorgeous Mary Blakely. He’s older now, and a whole lot richer. Finally, he has the headstrong woman right where he wants her. Once he’s had his fill of her he’ll walk away and never look back.

Or so that was the plan. The instant his mouth touches hers, Axel learns just how hard it’s going to be let Mary go.

Vampire Poetry Collection
13 pages–poems range from pg-rated to r-rated.
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The Silver Wheel
A 9 page short g-rated story, suitable for children and adults
Find out how the downtrodden Stapleton gets a second chance at happiness.
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Amber’s Seduction
an 8 page short erotic, suitable for adults only
The naughty Amber shows her man that shopping truly can be a wickedly good time!
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